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[1873] in class
 - Theres this dude in my economics class and dude is mad sexxy spanish tight ass nice lips and we always lookin at each other but hes always with thi...

7 minutes 9 seconds ago
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[167] Three Sum With Girl Friends Dad
 - Last night I had a threesome with my girlfriends father and brother and I must say it was HOT!!! They wore my ass out. Damn it was so freaking ho...

15 minutes 39 seconds ago
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[186] Had Sex With Girls Mom
 - DAMN DAMN DAMN I had sex with my girls mom and she is pregnet and won't get rid of the kid. I have not told my girl and she wants to raise the kid...

19 minutes 36 seconds ago
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[2841] Shameful
 - Last night my 1st cousin's son came over. He said he wanted to borrow a few bucks. I agreed and loaned it to him. Then he was like cuz what u drink...

25 minutes 21 seconds ago
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 - I had sex last week with the UPS guy and I must say he was supose to be doing me but I F**ked him silly. Now he talking bout leaving his wife, bro...

26 minutes 19 seconds ago
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[742] Not Up My Azz
 - My boyfriend is hung like a horse about 13.5 and it hurts like hell when we have sex. I was sharing this with my girlfriends and they think I shou...

42 minutes 2 seconds ago
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[183] I Eat Poop
 - Look I know it sounds nasty but I scoop my poop and eat it. One day I looked down and had a strange desire to taste my poop so I did. I have n...

1 hour 3 minutes 25 seconds ago
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[69] A big love problem ...
 -  I was spending the night at a friend of mine's house. After he fell asleep downstairs, I went up to his sister's room. It was really late. She was...

1 hour 15 minutes 46 seconds ago
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