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[1600] Football Players on DL

I went to what I thought was a party with a friend of mine. We are both on the dl but he did not tell me what type of party it was. I got there and the place was full of DL Football Players. Damn I wish I could tell you the names but I will not out them.

Man I never seen so man muscle guys taking d*ck up the azz. There was the one player that nine guys ran a train on. CHOOO CHOoO.

Then there was this kid there, he looked about 16 and he was beautiful. Well a few of the guy got rough with him psched him in a room and held him down while they ran a train on him. He look scared to death and was crying. I wanted to get involved and break that sh*t up but was warned to stay out of it. I hope kid is ok I think his azz was bleeding from those big azz d*cks.

Posted 1 hour ago

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