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[2397] hooked on eating man ass

i have to admit....sniffing and eating a hot mans butt makes me cum like hell.i was always told by both men and women that when ever you eat a mans ass you have him hooked for life...and i certainly proved it over and over again.i dont exactly have the best body in the world nor am i all that great looking,but when ever i tell a fine brother....wether on the phone or at the sauna that i want eat his man hole,i always get a shocked look...but eventualy he always spreads his cheeks and let me work it and keeps coming back for more.i know some people may be disgusted at the thought of it,but whenever they try,it becomes their favorite activity.the way to a mans heart is not through his stomach,but hi hot hole.

Posted 5 hours ago

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  • Yes! They try to act all gangsta like they don't want you to do it. But when you start to slip further down after you get done suckin their balls, they start moaning louder. They love that stuff. Just gotta work it real slow so you don't make them feel like less of a man. Prideful asses. I think I eat my mans ass more than he eats me lol. But it took a lot of patience to get him there. And he don't want me to ever mention it, just do it lol. Next, I'm goin to break out a prostate massager on that ass lol
    Posted 1 week agoReport

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